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What are Managed Cloud Services?

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While many people are familiar with cloud terminology, not everyone knows the extent of cloud services. So, what does “cloud services” mean for businesses? It can refer to cloud-based IT services, but it also applies to any technical support, security, storage, networking, application stacks, and vendors needed to enhance business operations. These services cover anything in your business and productivity suite related to cloud technology!

Many companies now offer managed cloud services, and if you have any kind of cloud applications or tools for your business, these services are crucial to keeping everything up and operating 24/7.

So, what are the main benefits of Managed Cloud Services?

  • Outsourcing managed services reduce costs associated with in-house teams. Plans are usually recurring monthly bills, depending on your individual level of needs.
  • Custom services and integration means you can keep your current technology or migrate to newer technologies as you grow.
  • Quick response times for issues mean less downtime. The longer you work with a managed service provider, the more familiar they become with your systems as well.

Rather than hiring new employees in-house, you can get access to an entire team with different strengths and skillsets. Our MAS packages are retainer-based, so you have us on standby 24/7.

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