Reporting with Google Data Studio

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Why Google Data Studio?

Marketing measurement tools can be challenging to use, making data difficult to share with teams. Information is collected and stored in different places, so combining that in an easy-to-share format can be problematic. Sometimes there’s too much data, and it’s overwhelming. That’s why Google created Data Studio to unify workflow and create reports that are easy to understand whether you’re a marketing expert or a newbie.

What good is data without understanding?

What is it?

Google Data Studio is a data visualization platform for building reports from connected sources. It allows you to create and share visually-appealing reports that help your data tell stories in an easy-to-understand way. Reports can include charts, bar graphs, line graphs, and more. Data Studio has two primary tools: a data source that allows you to manage and access your data and a reports tool that enables you to create flexible reports and dashboards. Both tools make sharing easy as well.

Data Studio allows you to integrate many different data sources, making it simple to work with various data types within the same report. These integrations include Google and Microsoft Ads, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, MySQL, YouTube, Facebook, and hundreds more.

Without the right data, companies are just guessing.

Is it easy to use?

Yes! Google Data Studio runs in your browser, so it can be accessed anywhere. Reports are dynamic and updated with new information automatically. Reports can also be easily shared and edited by your team. Even better, Google Data Studio is free and offers unlimited reports! This makes it a favorite tool among marketing teams everywhere.

If you can’t explain it, it’s not going to lead to insight.

Where can I learn more?

The following links will explain further and help get you started.