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5 Benefits of Moving to Azure

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Over the years, there has been an enormous amount of talk about the cloud.

“Everyone is moving to the cloud.
“The cloud is the future; we’ll all be on the cloud.”

That conversation isn’t about to stop. Though the prospect of “moving to the cloud” is exciting, what does it mean for you and your business, and what exactly IS the cloud?

The cloud is a network of remote servers hosted on the internet. This frees up the user’s computer or local server. Each cloud server in the network has a different function; storage, managing, processing data, running applications, or delivering a service. Microsoft Azure is one option that provides a powerful cloud-computing platform that easily integrates your data – keeping it secure yet easily accessible.

There are countless benefits to migrating your data or website to Azure’s cloud; a few of our favorites include:

  • Ability to scale resources up and down – meaning you only pay for what you’re using. If you have a sudden influx of business, we can quickly scale your servers to handle the increase.
  • Azure reduces the cost of infrastructure. In the past, physical servers needed to be kept in a climate-controlled room, with dedicated IT staff to maintain, update and rebuild when necessary. Microsoft Azure eliminates the need for physical infrastructure and all the challenges and expenses that go along with that.
  • Azure allows for easy accessibility. You can access your data on the cloud anytime and at any location. You do not have to be on-premise; sometimes, a VPN is not even required to access your information 24/7.
  • Microsoft Azure datacenters are highly secure and protect your data from natural disasters. With multiple storage options, data can be secured at various data centers, with at least 3 copies of data maintained on separate nodes.
  • Normally your system administrator would spend hours planning, installing, and configuring virtual machines. Azure works quickly, taking only minutes to spin up new virtual machines.

Unidev offers website hosting using Microsoft Azure because it is the most secure, stable, and financially conscious way to manage and scale your data needs. We have found website hosting more reliable and easily managed when pushed to the cloud. 

Contact us to see how we can help you quickly and confidently move to the cloud.