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What are Managed Application Services?

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December 11th is National Application Day! #NationalAppDay was created in 2017 to celebrate the importance of apps in our lives, specifically in terms of mobile devices. But what does the term “application” actually cover? It can be a mobile app, but it also applies to any web app, online platform, software program, or website. Basically, anything in your business and productivity suite falls into this category!

Many companies now offer Managed Application Services (MAS), and if you have any kind of application for your business, this service is crucial to keeping everything up and operating at full capacity.

So, what do those services entail?

  • If your website goes down, we fix it.
  • Website changes, from making your website faster or adding a new page, we do that too!
  • If your software program needs enhancements or debugging…yep, that’s us.
  • Need to update your CMS version or upgrade plugins, we can help.
  • SEO issues, Google indexing troubles, or general digital marketing consulting? We have certified Google team members here to help.

We can be that for you rather than hiring a Chief Technology Officer internally, but better because you have access to an entire team with different strengths and skillsets. Our MAS packages are retainer-based, so you have us on standby 24/7!

Contact us today to talk about your systems and how we can be the technical team you need!