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Tech We’re Talking About: Voice Biometrics

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Technology innovation requires businesses to stay on top of their security using solutions like multifactor authentication and physical security keys. A new solution is making it possible to securely access every channel with the power of your voice. Unidev is the first US reseller to work with our partners at ValidSoft. They gave our team an in-depth look at voice biometrics, covered vulnerabilities in existing technologies, how their software works, and gave a live demo. We included links to helpful resources below for anyone interested in learning more about ValidSoft.

Resources we recommend:

Fun facts we learned:

  • 40% of customers cannot remember their passwords or security questions.
  • 76% of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) authentication is used for account mining.
  • 36% increase in fraud losses in 2020 due to authentication vulnerabilities.
  • Voice authentication has proven to be 10x faster at accurate authorization.