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Tech We’re Talking About: Machine Learning and AI

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Machine Learning and AI are hot topics in the tech industry. Ron, Unidev’s Vice President of Development, spends his time with family, restoring old cars, and testing tech projects. He recently shared a presentation on AI and machine learning with our team. He discussed background, learning models, his own experiment, and the outlook for the future. We included a few resources below for anyone interested in more information about machine learning or artificial intelligence!

Some resources Ron recommends:

Fun facts we learned:

  • Present-day machine learning uses the Connectionist approach, similar to the human brain’s neural networks.
  • Deep learning is also known as machine learning.
  • Flaws in machine learning range from embedded bias to catastrophic forgetting.
  • The cost of machine learning is reaching the limits of our hardware and algorithms.
  • Contrary to what dystopian movies tell us, machine learning and AI will not lead to humanity’s downfall.

“All models are wrong, but some are useful” – George E. P. Box