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Tech We’re Talking About: Blockchain and Bitcoin

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Blockchain is an intimidating topic for many people, but not Greg. The Founder and CEO of Unidev has hobbies that range from restoring vintage motorcycles to 3D printing, and everything in between. Earlier this month, he shared a presentation about blockchain and Bitcoin with our team. He taught definitions, technologies, and applications. Greg shared some great information, and we included a few resources below for anyone interested in continuing to learn about blockchain technology!

Some resources he recommends:

Fun facts we learned:

  • The first retail purchase using Bitcoin was two pizzas for 10,000 coins in May 2010. Today you would pay several billion dollars for those pizzas! Crypto fans now celebrate May 22 as Bitcoin Pizza Day.
  • Bitcoin has a fixed supply — just 21 million.
  • Over 90% of Bitcoin is mined as of today.
  • New blocks in the blockchain are created using a Nonce.
  • Vitalik Buterin is the co-creator of Ethereum.

“Like the early internet, blockchain is hard to understand and predict, but could become ubiquitous in the exchange of digital and physical goods, information, and online platforms. Figure it out now.” – Zach Church