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Our Top Picks for National Movie Night!

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Lights dim, the aroma of freshly popped popcorn fills the air, and anticipation builds as friends and family gather around the screen. Movie night has always been a cherished pastime, providing us with an escape into captivating worlds and unforgettable stories.

This June 9th, we celebrate National Movie Night, which is held on the second Friday of June each year. In preparation, we asked some of our developers about their favorite tech-related movie. Here’s what they shared:

“In general, I don’t have a favorite movie because I watch them and say, ‘that’s not really how you do it.’ I love The 5th Element but it’s not really a tech movie. I found War Games to be mostly ridiculous. Sneakers is based on a fundamentally incorrect idea but had some other interesting aspects.”

“Not a movie, but the show Mr. Robot is my favorite. It’s a hacking show that’s very realistic. Real security professionals help with the writing of the script, so the attacks are real attacks that have happened in the real world. There are five or six seasons on the USA network.”

“I remember watching The Matrix in the theater and being wowed by its cool special effects and action.”

“The Terminator series is a favorite. The advanced computer hardware and software, killer robots, and AI run amuck made it a good one.”

“My favorite tech-related movie is Tron. I like it because it’s about a developer within the machine and the machine trying to control it.”

“My favorite tech related movie is Ironman. I’m into chip manufacturing and machinery and the movie includes a lot of it. It’s a smart way to build stuff. I also like it because of the attitude of the guy in the tech – it gets me.”

As the credits roll, we reflect on the power of storytelling and the role it plays in our lives. We hope you take the time to enjoy National Movie Night to the fullest, with a little inspiration from our team!