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Top 10 Sites for Tech News!

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Staying up to date with the latest trends, technologies, and news in the tech world can be both exciting and overwhelming! To make it easier to find trusted resources, we polled our team of developers to compile a list of their favorite tech news sites.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a software developer, or simply curious about the ever-evolving world of tech, these websites offer a wealth of information, insightful analysis, and entertaining content. Let’s dive in and explore the top sites our team loves!

#1 TechCrunch
This one consistently tops “best of” lists for a reason! This site covers a variety of topics, from emerging technology and gadgets to cybersecurity and internet culture.

#2 Engadget
Reviews on consumer electronics, new technology, and biggest trends.

#3 The Verge
Covering the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture including reviews, news about gadgets, gaming, entertainment, and science.

Trusted source for technology news, reviews, product recommendations, software, mobile technology, and internet-related news.

#5 ZDNet
The developer section of ZDNet provides resources for software developers and professionals in the tech industry. It covers programming languages, frameworks, tools, and best practices for developers.

#6 GigaOm
In-depth insights, analysis, and commentary on emerging technologies, industry trends, and the business of technology.

#7 Developer Tech
Catering to software developers with articles, tutorials, and news on programming languages, software development methodologies, and emerging technologies.

#8 Linus Media Group
Videos, podcasts, and articles covering a wide range of tech-related topics, unboxings, gadgets, gaming, and more.

#9 Tech Brew
Newsletter delivering the latest updates, insights, and analysis on trends in the tech industry. It covers topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, and more.

#10 Ars Technica
Science, policy, gadgets, gaming, and more through in-depth articles, reviews, and features written by experts in the field.

Bonus site: LinkedIn
LinkedIn has an endless source of relevant content that can be personalized by following the top posters in your areas of interest! Follow your favorite innovators (we like Satya Nadella and Simon Sinek!), search LinkedIn for keywords and hashtags, watch who others are sharing and engaging with, and join groups.

Bookmark these sources, subscribe to their newsletters, and make it a habit to stay connected with the latest developments in the tech industry. Did we miss any of your favorites? If you have any other sites that you love, let us know!