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Work From Home Gift Guide 2022

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With the holidays quickly approaching we asked some of our team members for their top work from home/techie dream gifts! There are some fun and reasonable ideas here as well as some that are a bit more outlandish. Check out our list for the techie in your life:

  1. Relieve stress, anxiety, or just fidget with this fun Bao Bun toy.
  2. Keep your machine from going to sleep and make sure people know that you’re still available on Teams with a mouse jiggler.
  3. If you’re a developer then you know that sometimes you get stuck and just need someone to talk to! (IYKYK)
  4. Decorate your workspace with a string of USB color changing Christmas lights.
  5. We all have too many things to plug in, a mouse, keyboard, headset, video camera, security key fob, a storage device, it goes on and on. If you’re working from a laptop, you might only have 1 USB port. Add more space with a USB hub.
  6. Or this one that has more ports for charging and connecting devices!
  7. Who can’t use another thumb drive? You never have one when you need one!
  8. When you work with a number of different devices, having a multi-lead USB charging cable is handy, for just in case.
  9. Sometimes you have to troubleshoot and fix your own devices. Having the tools to do it is a lifesaver.
  10. A 5-button mouse is frequently thought of as a gaming mouse, but it can help to increase efficiency for a number of techie jobs too.
  11. Long hours of keyboard and mouse work can be tough on your wrists. Improving hand and wrist posture with a keyboard and mouse wrist rest can help.
  12. You don’t have to be a professional vlogger or YouTube star to need an extra bit of light. A ring light will allow others on those video calls to see you better.
  13. Speaking of video calls and online meetings, one of our team members said that if he could, he would gift a lot of people a new headset. Lots of people use laptop video and mic for online meetings which leads to a lot of garbled speech and echo. A headset like this would be better.
  14. Or take it up a step and go for a wireless headset option that allows you to get up and walk around during the meeting.
  15. Listen to your favorite tunes while you work with a subscription to a music streaming platform like Amazon Music or Spotify.
  16. If your computer isn’t located right near the Wi-Fi box, sometimes you can have a spotty connection. Boost your Wi-Fi signal with a Wi-Fi extender.
  17. If your workspace is a bit dark, keep your internal clock on track with a sun lamp or a light therapy lamp. These are also great for people who struggle with seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
  18. When working remotely a portable monitor can make life much easier, especially if you move around the house or travel with your job.
  19. Having a good monitor is a big deal, having an awesome monitor is even better!
  20. When working remotely, you spend a lot of time at your desk so having one that gives you some options of how to work can be a benefit. Several of our team members included a pneumatic adjustable standing and sitting desk on their wish list.
  21. Here’s one if you need a little more desk space.
  22. Or this one with more leg room underneath.
  23. When you’ve got a standup desk, you might want to add a fun accessory like a space saving under desk treadmill.
  24. If you’re not into standing the entire time you’re at your desk, then a new chair might be in order. Several team members had desk chairs on their lists. This one reclines nearly flat.
  25. If you have a Marvel fan on your shopping list, then one of these chairs might be perfect.
  26. For the person who likes to change positions and sit in unconventional ways a cross-legged chair.
  27. Or perhaps an exercise ball chair would be a fun change of pace.
  28. Traditional desk chairs come with wheels that are cheap plastic and don’t move well on a lot of surfaces, especially carpet. Upgrade your desk chair wheels with some that take wheeling around up a notch.
  29. The Unidev team is definitely a fan of 3D printing. More than a couple of team members included 3D printers on their lists. Here are two different options: Anycubic Kobra Go and Creality Ender.
  30. Keep your eye on the weather from the comfort of your workspace, with a Wi-Fi connected weather station.

We hope this list gives you some unique and fun gift ideas for the techies in your life who work from home. Shopping early is the best way to insure there will be plenty of selection and the gifts will arrive on time.