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TXCHANGE Recap: Big Data with Splunk

Big Data is everywhere. As technology advances and becomes more integrated with our lives, data is being generated at an incredible rate. At our March TXCHANGE event with Splunk, we found some interesting ways big data is monitored and how companies gain operational intelligence from an endless sea of data points. Below are a few takeaways from last week’s event.

Watch Full Video of the Splunk Demonstration Here

Splunk in St. Louis

Denny Webb, Unidev's Splunk-certified developer, explains his social media Splunk app.

Big Data gives you the whole story

John Herzog and David Maislin, our presenters from Splunk, demonstrated the value of pulling data from information “silos” found in traditional IT architecture. Important interactions happen across many different servers, so it can be difficult to get a clear picture on a specific user session. Splunk takes a “slice” of data across all silos to create a complete time-ordered description of a session. This allows administrators to identify and address issues very quickly, increasing resolution speed by up to 90%.

Big Data is getting bigger

Many organizations are struggling to make use of the vast amounts of data being generated by web servers, databases, transaction terminals and mobile devices. However, as the devices in our lives become more integrated into other networks, there will be more and more data sources to mine from. To highlight the variety of data we’ll generate moving forward, John even mentioned a “smart refrigerator” that could push its data to a network. Splunk engineers realized this future is coming all too soon; the Splunk tool is compatible with any “machine data”, allowing data analysis across all types of devices.

Big Data isn’t just for the tech team

Decision makers need as much data as possible to take informed and timely action. However, data can be so complex and overwhelming that only experienced technical developers or engineers can read it. Thankfully, Splunk allows developers to customize high-level dashboards based on the ingested data. With Big Data only growing in importance in the coming years, its essential for organizations to make use of this “operational intelligence” from top to bottom.

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