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Helpful Firefox Add-Ons

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Web developers and programmers test on the internet constantly. Web browsers and software updates help make browsing faster, easier, and more customizable to your needs. But did you know that many developers use thousands of applications, add-ons, and extensions to further the user customization experience in each browser?

Here are some of our development team’s favorite features for Firefox:

Web Developer by Chris Pedrick

With over 21 million downloads, you can assume this app does something right. Web Developer adds a toolbar to Firefox that arms the user with a plethora of tools, including coding options for forms, CSS, images, resizing, and full w3c validation, all within a couple quick clicks of the mouse.

FlashFirebug by O-Minds

Like the Web Developer app, FlashFirebug has similar features but shines particularly when working with AS3 and SWF files. 

ColorZilla by Alex Sirota

Like the eyedropper tool in most photo editing software, this tool allows users to capture any color they see while browsing the web. Especially when redesigning a website, this tool can help guarantee that you are using the same colors as the previous site.

Mind the Time by Paul Morris

This is a handy time management app, especially if you fill out timesheets at your place of employment. This tool will keep track of how long your Firefox session lasts and the time spent on the current website. Note that it will only calculate the time spent while remaining active as it has an idle status that kicks in after a minute of inactivity.

ColorfulTabs by Binary Turf and Tab Scope by Gomita

These two add-ons help to organize an excessive amount of tabs open at once. ColorfulTabs highlight each tab with a different color, making them a little more distinctive. Tab Scope allows a mini-preview of the website simply by hovering over the tab preventing a frantic click and searching to “find that one page you were on.”

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