Unidev Update – 2010

2009 was a good year for Unified Development, Inc. (unidev) and The Net Impact and it looks like 2010 could be a great year. This is a big improvement over the previous couple of years where we saw a very real slow down in overall IT spending especially on the new development side. Our development revenues were up this year. We’ve been very fortunate that most of our customers continued to invest in IT during those years even as their revenues were down. We also saw strong growth in our marketing and web group which has grown from only a few people in 2006 to over 20 today.
The big news for 2009 was the public launch of our Auctori line of enterprise content management systems. This uniquely architected SaaS solution was designed to integrate SEO best practices across the board as well as to be a true global web platform. It is already deployed in several law firms, cities, and global industrial products and medical supply companies. There are sites in over a dozen languages with more being added monthly.
The other big news for 2009 was our headquarters move to the Dierbergs building in Chesterfield. The new larger office was designed by us to suit the very open, communicative and friendly environment we wanted. Dierbergs and their contractors did an amazing job on the buildout of the space. It far exceeded my expectations.
2010 will bring a number of challenges and changes to our organization as I hope the economy begins its recovery. We made significant investments in training, software and management to continually improve the quality and speed of delivery of our services, products and processes. We feel we are well positioned to capture new business and really look forward to a great year.

Greg Alexander

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