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A behind-the-scenes look at our recent documentary!

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We are delighted to share a momentous opportunity that has recently come our way at Unidev. This summer, we traveled to Florida to participate in the filming of a documentary series for ‘Viewpoint Project with Dennis Quaid.’ In case you haven’t heard of Viewpoint, they are an award-winning production company dedicated to creating documentaries that inspire audiences to take action. Unidev’s journey caught their attention, and we are excited to be featured in their segment titled ‘Modern Technology for Advanced Productivity.’

A Serendipitous Discovery
Earlier this year, a producer from Viewpoint reached out to us, expressing their team’s interest in showcasing Unidev in their documentary series. Our commitment to crafting technology that empowers humans resonated with their team and set us apart from other tech companies. We prioritize placing the human element at the core of our endeavors, deeply understanding our client’s businesses, and designing software that enhances their lives. This approach piqued their curiosity, and after learning more about our journey, they were convinced that our story deserved a place in their documentary.

The Unidev Way
Our message throughout filming was simple…companies need to incorporate software solutions into their strategic plans. It is no longer needed to stay at the forefront of business, it is now a requirement for entry. Companies choose to work with Unidev because we are technology experts who build solutions that support and enhance the power of humans. We understand humans are the true value behind organizations, so we build software that allows you to compete while enabling your people to achieve great things. It was important to us to get this message across while filming.

Viewpoint filming processAnticipated Broadcast
We are excited to share our story and inspire others through the power of technology that puts the human element first. Together, we continue to make an incredible impact, and we eagerly anticipate the broadcast to showcase the exceptional work of our team to the rest of the country.

In the meantime, keep an eye on our social channels for the official release date!