About Unidev

This series of posts on Unidev is for potential customers or employees to learn a little bit more about this company, it’s history and it’s people.

Unidev has three major service lines, custom software development, consulting and staffing. Over the years the relative size of each area as varied as the market has evolved. In the early 1990’s staffing was the main component and that area grew consistently throughout the 90’s peaking with the dotcom era and Y2k. After those bubbles burst, the staffing area became much more challenging and difficult, at least for us.

With the advent and rapid growth¬†of the Internet, the software development area, especially web development, became a much stronger growth area. The initial web sites for companies tended to be pretty simple affairs, primarily just brouchures. At the time, we didn’t have a lot of creative types so we didn’t get too much into this. As companies learned more of the capabilities of the Internet, they started developing their second generation sites which required much more programming and often real time interfaces with their internal systems.

 These new requirements fit much better into our background as application developers and this became a strong growth area for us.

More to come….

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