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Cyber Monday Hosting Prep

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More often than ever before, consumers are turning to eCommerce options for Black Friday deals. “In 2021, 88 million buyers made a purchase online on Black Friday” (Lynkova).

On Cyber Monday, sites should anticipate another traffic spike as consumers again turn to their screens for sales. In 2021, Americans spent $10.7 billion on Cyber Monday specials.

You’ve probably already planned the sales and identified the products and services you plan to discount and promote. You might already have your marketing campaigns prepped and rolling out to effectively get your information to consumers. But don’t forget to make sure your website is ready for an uptick in traffic and online sales.

The holiday shopping season can be a huge retail opportunity for businesses with an online presence. In order to take advantage of the opportunity, your site needs to function correctly. An essential element that is often overlooked is a website’s hosting services.

Before the busiest part of the holiday shopping season is upon us, contact your hosting provider to confirm that your website can:

  • Handle the surges in increased traffic on the heaviest traffic days of the year, so your site doesn’t crash.
  • Be safe from cyberattacks and vulnerabilities.
  • Maintain its speed and performance.

This might be the appropriate time to upgrade your hosting plan so that you can handle the holiday rush. Some hosting plans even provide the option of automatically scaling speed and memory to meet demand.