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Why We Choose Azure

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We are happy to say we’ve jumped on the Microsoft Azure bandwagon. Azure is both a platform and a methodology for handling modern-day computing needs and is quickly becoming the gold standard for modern IT infrastructure. We choose Azure because we know it’s reliable, flexible, and cloud computing truly customizable for all of our clients.

Rather than keeping data on an on-premise, physical infrastructure, which can be expensive and time-consuming to update and maintain, we offer our clients the opportunity to move to the cloud. The cloud is a network of remote servers hosted on the internet. This frees up the user’s computer or local server. Each cloud server in the network has a different function; storage, managing, processing data, running applications, or delivering a service.

There are many benefits to Azure migration, but here are some client favorites:

  • Ability to scale resources as needed – meaning you only pay for what you’re using. If you have a sudden influx of business, we can quickly scale your servers to handle the increase.
  • Reducing the cost of infrastructure. In the past, physical servers needed to be kept in a climate controlled room, with dedicated IT staff to maintain, update, and rebuild when necessary. Azure eliminates the need for physical infrastructure, challenges, and expenses involved.
  • Easy accessibility means you can access your data on the cloud at any time and at any location. You do not have to be on premise and, in some cases, a VPN is not required to access your data 24/7.
  • Microsoft Azure data centers are highly secure and keep your data safe from natural disasters. With multiple storage options, data can be secured at multiple data centers, with multiple copies of data maintained on separate nodes.
  • Normally your system administrator would spend hours planning, installing, and configuring virtual machines. Azure works quickly, taking just minutes to spin up new virtual machines.

Ultimately, our developers can personalize your experience, so rather than paying for services that aren’t necessary for every business, you only pay for what you use. It’s as simple as that, which is why we strongly recommend moving to the cloud. 

When you’re ready to make a move to Azure, contact our Microsoft-certified team!

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