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What’s the State of My Website?

You might be thinking that it’s time to do something to your old website. If it’s been awhile since you’ve had any updates to the backend of your site, then the first thing you need to understand is the current state of the site.

A developer can tell a little bit about the state of your website just by looking at it. However, to make an accurate report, an analyst will need to see the code. That means he or she will need to have access to the code from the previous developers. It could be stored in a digital repository, or the code might be on the server where the site is running.

An analyst can spend a few hours browsing the site and code to get a rough idea of the state of the site. More time is required to really understand the site and the needs of the customer to provide the most accurate estimate and recommendation for doing an update or a site rewrite (a new website).

When it’s been determined that the analyst needs more time to see the code before proceeding, we will enter into an agreement for a discovery project. The discovery will allow the developer to better understand how the application or site works. This way, we can give a more accurate suggestion of what needs to be done as well as estimates for time and cost. The discovery process may also help define if a new site or website update is more expensive.

Not sure about the current state of your website? Contact us for an evaluation.