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What’s Considered an Old Website?

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It can be challenging to pinpoint an actual age in years to determine an “old website.” Does a site become outdated after one year, three years, or ten years? Any site about seven years old will likely be considered old enough to need updates or a rewrite. Perhaps you’ve changed the images and altered the content, but if nothing has been done to the backend code, the site is likely less efficient than the one developed today.

Before you continue to spend money on an old website or scrap your seven-year-old website, it’s essential to learn about the state of your website.  How’s the database set up? If the database was poorly structured when first developed, the site could be challenging to work on in the future. Is the site secure to prevent malicious code attacks? What’s the speed of the site? A discovery project completed by Unidev can answer those questions.

Understanding the state of your site will help you determine if you need a website update or a brand-new site. To properly decide, many factors should be considered, such as technology used, ongoing support options, and code maintenance.

A new website may actually be less expensive than updating an existing website. Once you recognize this, you can more confidently make a decision and plan for your website. Still not sure which path is best for your site? Contact our web development experts.