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Keeping a medium-sized contract programming company up to speed on the latest technologies is a daily challenge. With a wide variety of technologies and skillsets in use at any given time and with the future technology needs of the company being very customer-driven, it can be challenging to put together individualized employee training plans. Our solution was to develop a more ‘university’ environment where we constantly have classes available on various new and current technologies. In this way, employees can choose which directions they feel works best for them and investigate different choices without committing to a particular path.

In our experience, this has worked quite well with several surprises about which directions people choose. Employees can explore many possibilities with an array of topics such as J2EE, C#, .NET, web marketing methods, HTML, project management, RAD, and network architecture. Unidev has several types of careers, including software developers who work on customer projects at the development center, technology consultants who work both at the customer site and in-house, digital marketing consultants, and IT staffing personnel who augment customer development teams. The variety of work and the various technologies employed make for an exciting learning environment.