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Three New Incentive Programs

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Unidev is pleased to announce three new incentive programs: the Business Referral Program, the Consultant Self Placement Program, and the Updated Incentive Program.

The Business Referral Program encourages eligible individuals to submit Unidev business opportunities with existing and new clients. If an opportunity becomes an open assignment and a consultant is successfully placed, the referrer is eligible for a cash reward.

The second program is the Consultant Self Placement Program. This program will pay a cash reward to Unidev consultants identifying their next assignment with Unidev.

We have added a new feature to complement the current Unidev Incentive program, which pays Unidev employees a referral bonus when they refer a candidate who gets hired. Unidev employees can earn a $10 gift card for every resume they refer to the recruiting department. The employee receives the gift card regardless of whether their referral gets hired or not. Please visit for complete rules and regulations.

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