HVAC and Plumbing Web Marketing Strategies

Creating a meaningful connection with your clients can be tricky in the HVAC and plumbing industry. They don’t need to contact you unless they really need you, and if the job is done right, they might not need to contact you again for a long time. So how do you ensure that you are the first firm a new customer calls in their time of need? It’s essential to be in the customer’s mind, top of their mind, even when they need an HVAC technician or plumber, because when they do need service, they usually need it quickly!

Change the Way You Promote Your Brand

Marketing your brand to get that first call from a client involves so much more than it did 20, 10, or even two years ago. Constrained by the technology available then, “traditional” channels allowed for mostly one-sided communication from a brand to its customers since it usually involved a billboard, print, radio, or television ad. Companies used to be able to gauge whether their ads were effective or not simply by the bottom line. Today, with the myriad of marketing channels, it’s often hard to tell where a lead originated. Looking at why a particular campaign is successful or not just by looking at the bottom line is not enough anymore. Tracking ROI to every lead generation source is now the norm. Paradoxically, the more complicated marketing has become, the easier it is today to track ROI, thanks to the web.

Enter online marketing and social media.

Online marketing and social media have changed advertising from one-way to two-way conversations between brands and customers. This has been mutually beneficial, as customers have more of a voice regarding the products and services available to them and receive quicker responses to potential issues. Similarly, brands can now see what’s working for them (or what’s not) in real-time and even why that is the case. Finding relevant ways to engage with your customer base can make the difference between being a customer’s first choice and being an afterthought. Every HVAC company our team works with can attest to how the web, especially mobile devices and social media, is driving more and more leads to their plumbing and HVAC services.

It’s important to think outside of the box when promoting your service since most of the interactions a customer typically initiates with you are just when they “need” help. This brand promotion occurs in several ways, such as offering products beyond your “expected” services and promoting your service team. When someone needs a technician, they will more likely go with a brand and technician team they’re familiar with, and trust since the tech will be coming into their home. Good questions to ask are, “Can I assure my clients that the technician coming to their home is a positive in their mind and not a concern? If so, how? How do I tell that story?”

Also, think in terms of community. Customers like to work with companies they identify with. This means hyper-local companies that are active in the community and considered “hometown” associations. Encouraging users to engage with your brand through local marketing will also increase its visibility to the audience that counts. Offering local contests, such as letting customers have a say in something like picking a new logo or deciding a new product to be offered, and sponsoring area events are all ways of encouraging local residents to engage with your brand. Shout-outs to local success stories and charities can also secure your place as a community staple.

When it comes to creating a website and marketing strategies for HVAC and plumbing companies, we are among the experts. We have experience in web development, marketing strategy and implementation, campaign integration, and return on investment analysis to help maximize your financial goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business.