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ADA & WCAG Compliance with AccessiBe

Web accessibility encompasses websites designed so people with (and without) disabilities can use them in their entirety. The phrase includes all disabilities affecting web use, including: 

Auditory | Cognitive | Neurological | Physical | Speech | Visual | & More 

Being proactive about your website accessibility can be challenging for many teams, with ongoing needs for testing and implementing technical updates as content and practices change. Some of the main features to implement include: 

  • Text alternatives for non-text content, like captions or sign language 
  • Content does not trigger seizures, supports multiple languages, and responsive layouts 
  • Users can easily navigate content and have ample time to do so.  

We offer a range of professional services and accessibility solutions. 

AccessiBe is the leader in automated and streamlined accessibility compliance. Founded in 2018, their vision is to make the entire internet fully accessible by 2025. They have since grown to almost 7,000 partners, fixed 70,000 websites and 140 million web pages. Through their use of AI technology, businesses can automatically address their website accessibility without breaking the bank. AccessiBe benefits are plentiful, but the major favorites among users include the following.  

Avoid Litigation 

Daily maintenance, automatic auditing, and proof of certification makes compliance effortless and help to avoid potential litigation through:  

  • WCAG 2.1, ADA Title III, Section 508, and EAA/EN 301549 compliance  
  • Certification and statement of accessibility performance 
  • 24-hour automatic scans and monthly audit emails directly to users 

Customizable Design 

The design of your website will not be compromised by adding accessibility tools. AccessiBe’s interface options include: 

  • Custom interface colors, sizes, and shapes 
  • Icon options and styling to match any branding 
  • Ability to place toolkit in any location on site pages 

Efficient Startup 

Implementing accessibility tools no longer needs to dominate your time. AccessiBe’s integration is a quick, simple process:  

  • Adding JavaScript code to set up the interface 
  • AI immediately starts updates and sites are compliant in 48 hours 
  • Ongoing scans occur every 24 hours and automatically fix issues 

Our team is happy to offer compliance testing and address your web accessibility questions as well. If you are interested in becoming compliant, Unidev can assist you with accessiBe products.