Development doesn’t have to be all work

We’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of new technologies lately. Sometimes with friendly customer sites ;> but mostly within our own sites. Unidev strongly encourages and supports everyone within the company experimenting with new technologies as they come around. We do this by teaching internal classes, providing test web sites, providing a variety of real live high volume web sites for production testing as well as having a test lab with different operating systems, languages and browsers, Linux and Windows servers and pretty much any commercial software you could imagine.

The results of this policy are manyfold. The primary benefit of this goes to our customers as it ensures that we are using the very best available methods and tools for developing their software and websites. Recently a large customer with SQL Server and DB2 databases needed several dynamic data driven web pages quickly. We were able to deploy an Ajax tool we had created as an experiment for one of our internal web sites that worked very well and we were able to get the site developed very quickly.

Today we are continuing to experiment in the Windows .Net, Java/J2EE and Linux PHP areas. We continue working with new Ajax tools as well as Ruby on Rails, Microsoft Silverlight and databases, BLOGS, social networking, Hibernate, XML data messaging, RSS feeds and RSS feed readers (used to display news on the unidev home page).

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