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What is Job Posting Schema?

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With job listings so competitive, it’s essential to ensure they’re properly optimized. Search engines are the primary resource candidates use when looking for jobs, so how do you attract applicants to your listings?

Job posting schema is structured data that makes your job postings eligible to appear in the job search experience on Google with job details, your logo, reviews, and ratings. Job seekers can filter by various criteria like job title or location, which means your job posting is more likely to attract applicants looking for that job across search engines.

When adding job posting schema to a job listing, it is imperative to include structured data for properties like the job title, date posted, description, employment type, hiring organization, location, and date through which the job listing is valid. For example, your code should look similar to the code below when marking up a location.

<span itemprop=”jobLocation” itemscope=”” itemtype=””>
<span itemprop=”address” itemscope=”” itemtype=””>
Location: <span itemprop=”streetAddress”>18102 Chesterfield Airport Road, Unit K</span>
<span itemprop=”addressLocality”>Chesterfield</span>
<span itemprop=”addressRegion”>MO</span>
<span itemprop=”postalCode”>63005</span></span></span>

After adding the schema to the job posting, test your page’s structured data markup with a Structured Data Testing Tool.

Contact us if you have more questions about your job posting schema or need assistance, including structured data on your job postings.