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The Net Impact Merges with Unidev

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Unified Development, Inc. (Unidev), a St. Louis-based software development and consulting firm, announced a merger with The Net Impact, LLC, a search engine marketing and website design firm.

According to Unidev President, Mr. Greg Alexander, the merger joins the significant technology resources and experience of Unidev with the proven creative and internet marketing skills of The Net Impact. Tommi Davis, President of The Net Impact, commented, “We’re extremely excited about the merger and the increased technical and internet marketing capabilities we can now offer our client base. Unidev is a dynamic, growing organization. It’s a great fit.”

Over a two-year research and development period, Unidev has developed a robust technical web marketing capability and a proprietary suite of search engine marketing services, including search engine optimization, email marketing, affiliate program management, and pay-per-click management. With a strong emphasis on data collection and statistical analysis, Unidev has significantly improved both search engine rankings and online sales for many established businesses on the web.

The addition of The Net Impact brings a fundamental and critical creative capability to Unidev and an increased sales and marketing capability. Mark Birsinger, V.P. of Marketing for The Net Impact, said, “The merger brings all of the vital resources together – a large team of programming professionals as well as the expertise to make web applications visible in the search engines. It’s a full-circle approach.”

Unidev, established in 1990, is a premier developer of large-scale integrated business solutions, IT outsourcing, and consulting services for Fortune 1000 companies. 

The Net Impact is an established ten-year-old company that provides internet marketing solutions, website design services, and a comprehensive range of search engine marketing (SEM), web development, and eCommerce solutions.