7 Ways to Maximize Magento Ecommerce Success

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When it comes to creating an ecommerce site, Unidev has found that few platforms can compare to Magento. This powerful platform allows companies to develop custom eCommerce websites that are great for e-stores from basic to enterprise-level in sophistication. When appropriately designed with the customer in mind, Magento sites are easy to browse, compare products, and ultimately purchase. While all of the features offered by Magento could fill many, many pages, here is a select list that the Magento developers here at Unidev have found are really beneficial to maximizing your Magento site’s sales!

One-step Checkout Out of the box, Magento comes with several checkout options. Our research has shown that by utilizing the one-step checkout feature, companies experience fewer abandoned carts, increasing sales. From a customer perspective, this feature helps create a friendlier user experience as they can complete their purchase quicker. As they say, checking out isn’t the fun part of shopping, so why make the experience longer than it needs to be?

Shipping to Multiple Addresses – Another feature that comes standard with Magento, this option helps simplify shipping the same order to multiple addresses. Whether your customer is a hotel chain buying supplies for each of their locations or a grandparent buying presents for the grandkids around the country, simplifying the checkout and shipping process helps create a positive user experience.

Page Speed – Several factors affect a page’s loading speed, ranging from content on a specific page to the coding used to create the site. Page speed, in turn, affects several things, including how a site performs in search engine results and the experience a customer has when browsing. Research proves that even fractions of a second affect bounce rate. By combining Magento’s processing speed with proper coding, your site will have quicker loading speeds, leading to fewer bounces and more converted sales.

Cross-selling – When uploading your products into your online catalog, Magento provides the option to associate related products with one another. By doing this, you can inform your customers of complementary products they should know about while they’re browsing and checking out. The customer already buying from you is the easiest one to sell more to online.

Product Reviews – Allow your customers to research your products by seeing what other customers are saying. Studies have shown that reviews can influence up to 90% of online shoppers’ buying decisions, so your product reviews can be as effective as a marketing campaign.

Event Tracking – Utilizing Google Analytics on your Magento store is an effective way to see what’s working and what isn’t on your site. More than just the basic tracking, our certified Google Analytics team implements customized event tracking scripts. This includes everything from tracking button clicks within the cart to detailed data on where users are abandoning their cart and which promotions drive the most sales. You can create a more efficient website with higher conversion rates by utilizing the customization available through Google Analytics.

Storing Past Orders – Magento allows customers to access their previous orders to simplify reorders or evaluate their past purchase information. To utilize this feature, a user must create an account before checkout. Some ways to encourage this are offering promotions for signing up, offering discounts to users that are part of your company’s mailing list, and the ease of repeat orders for customers who shop frequently.

Optional Extensions – In addition to the standard Magento features, the team at Unidev also utilizes several add-ons and extensions to help customize stores even further. A few of the more commonly used extensions include Special Promotions Pro and Sort By. Special Promotions Pro allows for the customization of promotions, while Sort By gives customers the option to sort products in the easiest way to browse through.

Heads up!

Magento is currently in the process of developing and testing Magento 2. This update will give companies even more options in customizing their eCommerce website and providing a better user experience to their customers. The Magento experts at Unidev can help you explore and utilize these new features to maximize the success of your website.

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