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Important Dates for Holiday Marketing Strategy

In the past, holiday shopping was something most consumers didn’t worry about until it was time to carve their turkey, surrounded by family and friends. However, since recent years have proven to be anything but average, the holiday shopping experience is also shaping up to be unique. According to Pinterest, users started saving content for the holidays back in April. Most brands weren’t ready to focus on their holiday shopping experience back in April, but this new-age holiday season is quickly approaching, whether you’re ready or not. Tactics businesses trusted in previous years won’t cut it with customers yearning for the comfort of the holidays.

The following dates can help guide your digital marketing holiday strategy and make it one for the books – in a good way.

Halloween – October 31
Halloween is not an official holiday but is typically celebrated in the United States with costume parties and children trick-or-treating door-to-door. Many costumes will likely include face masks this year in incredibly creative ways. One way to ramp up your holiday efforts during Halloween is by participating in a local trunk-or-treat. Your company can have candy and small toys for kids participating. If their parent starts a conversation about your brand, you can also hand out business cards with offers like a free strategy session or consultation.

Election Day – November 2
On Election Day, citizens of the United States vote to elect public officials. No matter the political party affiliation of your customers, you can offer a percentage of their purchase by sending you a photo of them wearing their “I Voted” sticker. This promotes your brand as engaged in the public discourse and can also incite any followers of theirs, yours, or even of competitor organizations to get out and vote as well!

Veterans Day – November 11
On the anniversary of the armistice signing ending WWI, on Veteran’s Day, military personnel are thanked for their service to our country. There are several ways to show your appreciation for the armed forces, not only on your own time but also as an entire organization. Your team can volunteer to place American flags at the gravesites of fallen service members or even sponsor a memorial or fundraiser in your local community. If a hands-on approach is better suited to your team’s skills, consider teaching a free seminar on technology to veterans searching for new job opportunities!

Thanksgiving – November 25
Thanksgiving in the United States is a holiday set aside for giving thanks. Many people have a four-day weekend, so it can be a busy travel time. Many travelers have headphones in, and a podcast turned on, so why not meet them where they already are? If your company produces podcast or video content, this time would be ideal for a look back at the year, giving insight into big projects, company culture, and sharing what you are hopeful for in the upcoming months.

Black Friday – November 26
Black Friday follows Thanksgiving and is a day of shopping and sales, sales, sales! Many see it as the beginning of the holiday shopping season, with competitors throwing out their best offers of the year, new releases, and pre-order sales as well. This warrants a one-time special offer if your company sells products or services (B2C and B2B). You can offer new customers a free period before a paid trial begins, a significant discount on new sales contracts, or a special offer for the first 100 customers to sign up for new eblasts with offers.

Small Business Saturday – November 27
Small Business Saturday follows Black Friday and is planned to celebrate and support small businesses in local communities. Community members are encouraged to #ShopSmall to invest in the future of their neighborhoods. Your company can help small businesses by creating a list of nearby stores with details on shopping (and any new safety protocols). If you want to make a more significant impact in your community, consider partnering with a local business contractor for procurement needs that will last far beyond one day.

Cyber Monday – November 29
After Thanksgiving, the first Monday is Cyber Monday, a day full of online sales and limited-time offers. If you want to get in front of customers during Cyber Monday, you have to cut through the online noise. Make a new homepage banner that highlights your offer, post on social media with a promo code, or even sweeten the offer by following up with email remarketing to users that did not make a purchase on an intended day.

Giving Tuesday – November 30
Giving Tuesday is a day to give back and get involved in your community by helping others through gifts of your time, donations, goods, or the power of your voice. Since the holidays will likely include smaller celebrations, simpler gift-giving, and cherishing each moment of thanks we share, your marketing efforts should follow the same pattern. Consider a small scholarship for a student pursuing a degree in your industry, donate supplies from the office that aren’t being used, or challenge your employees to volunteer their time to a cause your organization supports. Every little bit helps!

 If you’re ready to celebrate all season long, here are more special holidays to take part in:

  • Green Monday – December 13. Green Monday is usually the 2nd Monday in December, about 10 days before Christmas. It is a day of finding last-minute deals online.
  • Hanukkah – November 28 – December 6. Hanukkah, or Chanukah, is the Festival of Lights. It is an 8-day celebration remembering the Jewish people’s struggle for freedom.
  • Free Shipping Day – December 14. Free shipping day allows customers to shop online from the comfort of home and receive free shipping from more businesses than most other days.
  • Festivus – December 23. Made famous in an episode of Seinfeld, Festivus is a holiday celebrated by those looking for a break from commercialism and pressure imposed by the modern Christmas season.
  • Super Saturday – December 18. Super Saturday is the last Saturday before Christmas. It is also called Panic Saturday, as shoppers rush to purchase last-minute gifts.
  • Christmas – December 25. Christmas Day is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth. Many decorate their homes with lights, evergreen trees, and exchange gifts among friends and family. 
  • Kwanzaa – December 26 – January 1. Kwanzaa is an annual celebration honoring the culture and traditions of African-Americans. This week-long celebration is concluded with gift-giving and a feast of faith.
  • New Year’s Eve – December 31. New Year’s Eve is the last day of the year in the United States and is celebrated with gatherings across the country to count down the final seconds leading to the New Year.

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