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Auctori Site Search Exclusion Feature

We are thrilled to officially announce the launch of a new Auctori development, site search exclusion. This specialized feature allows clients to eliminate pages from appearing to external users searching their websites. The tool enables pages to be hidden from end-users rather than deleting the content altogether. For example, user visibility on specified page content, like articles or biographies, can be allowed in site search results at the client’s discretion.

“This feature truly gives clients more control over their website. In the past, you didn’t have that level of jurisdiction over search results, but now with the site search exclusion, you do.” – Kym, Customer Support Manager

We pride ourselves on keeping our clients’ best interests top of mind. This started with a question from a client and led to the development of a new feature within our CMS. From there, we were able to implement SEO best practices and ensure pages were indexed accurately. 

About Auctori

Auctori is a secure, scalable, global web content management system (CMS) built for search engine optimization. Auctori gives the user the power to instantly add, edit, and delete pages, content, and navigation elements on the website. In addition, users can manage profiles and settings all within the content management system.