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Why Hospitality is One of the Biggest Hi-Tech Industries

Technology is taking over in the hospitality industry. Resorts and hotels provide their guests with interactive resources literally at the tip of Hospitalitytheir fingers. Instead of guests making multiple calls to the front desk to find their way around a resort, they now use portable devices to make their stay even more enjoyable.


Revel, a resort in Atlantic City, recently implemented the use of innovative tablets to engage their visitors. Revel has implemented an interactive guest-service solution designed by a collaborative team of technology partners, Suitelinq and Unidev. The Cisco-created hardware and the integrated software package device allows guests to easily access extensive amounts of information. Visitors can check the weather, order room service, view promotions, track flights and more. The tablet also acts as the room phone and alarm clock. You can attach the tablet to the phone and make a call or remove it from the phone dock and call through a speaker phone.


Along with the convenience, interactive menus such as the one used at Revel allow for metrics of data. If the hotels or resorts would like to track the times and frequency people are ordering food or scheduling a massage, they can do so quickly and efficiently using a digital platform. Another example of this advancement is mobile apps. Mobile apps stored on the tablet allow guests to access additional information regarding the hotel properties.


Revel is not the only hospitality venue integrating technology changes. The Hilton chain increased its customer satisfaction by implementing Hilton Design Studio. The Hilton Design Studio guides online users through the hotel and gives them the opportunity to ‘design a guest room’. The Hilton will also be adding interactive products for the valet and a connectivity station. Another example of technology arriving in hospitality is Hyatt Hotels enhancing its rooms with interactive televisions. Through the TV, guests can not only decide on entertainment choices, but ordering room service, searching local information and file downloads will also be available.

Technology is growing rapidly in hotels and other resorts because of the competition. With more of the popular hospitality establishments growing digitally, they create a pressure in the market for other providers to keep up. This generates a need for companies like Suitelinq and Unidev to design unique digital solutions.


With new technology, hotels can dramatically improve and innovate upon the “guest experience”. Employees can better manage their time using a digital solution rather than taking phone calls. Technology implementation in the hospitality industry is continuing to grow and is bringing new solutions to workers and travelers everywhere.


For more information on Unidev and how we can enrich your technology, contact us.



Las Vegas: Next Silicon Valley?

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Community is the root of innovation.  If no one ever said that, they should have.  If no one ever said that, I’m claiming the catch phrase.  Trademark that.

At the risk of offending hundreds of respected technology start-ups in California, I’m going to pose a question.  Is Las Vegas the next Silicon Valley?  In the name of full disclosure I’ve become a bit of an adjunct Las Vegas tech community native.  On a monthly basis, I wake up at 3 am in the morning and board the red eye flight from St. Louis to Las Vegas to network, explore, innovate and oh yeah…help Unidev, the software and mobile development company that employs me, to launch our new west regional office which just opened in January 2012.

So why is Las Vegas the next Silicon Valley?  They possess something very rare in an often insulated technology community.  They have community.  This community is “hip”, sort of underground, “quirkishly fashionable” but most importantly it’s not hard to find.  Just search the hashtag #vegastech or handle @VegasTech on a Thursday night and whether you join the meet up on Fremont Street or not, you’re there at the Las Vegas Jelly. That’s right, the “Jelly” (@VegasJelly).

Jelly organizations exist in several communities across the country but the one-year-old Las Vegas Jelly organization can stuff almost one hundred people into a “library” that’s not a library to learn from “start-ups” that are not start-ups. Las Vegas Jelly attracts professionals from Zappos and Microsoft as easily as they attract entrepreneurs from start-ups like Tracky and

The point I want to make is that Las Vegas Jelly supports a strong technology community but they’re also part of a larger community of technology support organizations working to promote wide spread adoption of technology innovation at the local, regional and state level.  A few of those other organizations include the Technology Business Alliance of Nevada (TBAN), Nevada Development Authority (NDA) and the Microsoft supported Linq360 Innovation Center.  Silicon Valley, did you know a booming technology community is boiling over right next door?

And this community will boil over in a good way.  Linq360 is quickly attracting big players in the hospitality industry with exciting new launches like Suitelinq’s in-room application developed for the new Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.  Yes, that project originated in Las Vegas. Likewise, Tony Hseih is relocating Zappos into the old Las Vegas city hall building and is fostering a Zappos backed technology brokering community in downtown Las Vegas with the potential to rival campuses of Google’s calibur – but probably with more neon signs and arcades.

Unidev discovered the community in Las Vegas last July when staking out new locations for expansion.  We chose Las Vegas – and we don’t think we will be alone.

Behind the Scenes: Opening Unidev West

At Unidev, we love talking about technology, software development and mobile development. We think it is the top banana, the bees knees. But occasionally we need to take a break from the hard hitting “tech talk” to discuss other interesting things we do. Why? Because we want you to know how we get things done around here.

In January 2012, we officially opened the Unidev West office in Las Vegas, Nevada. And we keep pretty busy. We hold TXCHANGE Events, network with professional organizations and develop new initiatives to bring to the Las Vegas area. But if you’ve ever helped to open a new office for a growing company, you know it takes a lot of work. We decided to give you a sneak peek, behind the scenes look at exactly how we accomplish this huge task!

That’s where I come in! Hi! I’m Elizabeth Maritz, Corporate Marketing Communications Manager for Unidev and The Net Impact. I spent this past week driving around Las Vegas meeting people, learning about the culture, getting plugged in to the business community.  I didn’t take any video of my travels because Las Vegas has VERY strict law regarding cell phone usage in cars…but here’s what I did.

I drove almost 55 miles around the city totaling almost 2 hours in travel time. I visited 11 different locations and met over 30 different individuals. All in 4 days!



A. UNIDEV WEST OFFICES. This is our new location in Las Vegas. We’re getting it all set up right now!

B. TBAN. This is the TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS ALLIANCE of NEVADA. TBAN is one of the longest standing professional organizations in Nevada, they love technology and we love technology. For more information on their events and membership visit

C. NEVADA DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY. The Nevada Development Authority is a great source for companies looking to expand into Southern Nevada. With a huge number of resources, the NDA has helped Unidev find our place in Las Vegas and get connected. For more information on the NDA visit

D. NET EFFECT. Net Effect is a fellow IT company that specializes in remote managed IT services, cloud computing companies, information technology consulting services, offsite data backup services and recovery services. For more information on Net Effect visit

E. MARGARITAVILLE. You always have to find a little time to party while visiting Las Vegas and there is no better place than Margaritaville. As Unidev continues to become more active in the retail and hospitality industry, our friends at Margaritaville offer great insight and an occasional happy hour venue. Did you know they just opened a Margaritaville Casino at The Flamingo Hotel? Find out more at

F. WALLS360. To get a little creative, we met with the team at Walls360. Also new to Las Vegas, Walls360 is a wall cling and graphics company co-founded by Tavia Campbell, John Doffing and YiYing Lu, the creator of the Twitter Fail Whale. To find out more about what they do visit

G. UNLV. University of Nevada Las Vegas is not only known for their killer Rebel basketball team, but also for their community connection. I met with the outgoing Alumni Association President. To learn more about UNLV visit

H. LAS VEGAS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. As one of the largest chambers in the nation, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce (LVCC) is an impressive institution that offers so many resources to their members. Learn more about the LVCC at

I. FBG SOCIAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS. Fellow members of the Las Vegas Innovation Center Linq360, FBG and Unidev spend a lot of time together. FBG offers a robust Social Office Suite solution that helps businesses manage their brand on social media. To find out more, visit

J. THE FERRARO GROUP. A leading Nevada communications firm that provides strategic communications counsel to corporations, coalitions, associations and individuals. In 2011, The Ferraro Group was voted “Firm of the Year” by the Las Vegas Business Press “Best Advertising Agencies and PR Firms” awards. To find out more about The Ferraro Group visit

K. LINQ360. Supported by Microsoft, Linq360 is the epicenter of technology innovation and is now home to a select group of like-minded businesses aligned to serve the hospitality and retails industries. To find out more about Linq360 visit

That was my trip! Hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride.