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2012 Unidev Chili Cook-off

This past Monday, November 12, 2012, Unidev held its annual chili cook-off amongst employees. There was a variety of chilies including a couple choices for the vegetarians and vegans in the office. Seven chefs concocted their best tasting creations along with some cornbread, and everyone in the office casted their ballots.

Last year, Dhanya was the champion and she was knocked out of first place this year by Jon. Jon had an abundance of great-tasting ingredients in his chili. It was just spicy enough for everyone to enjoy it, even those that can’t take the heat. Second place and also voted the most unique tasting chili, was Liz. Third place was Jared, and Dhanya took home the award for Best Afterburn this year.  Here are some pics to lick your lips to:


veggie chili


5- Alarm Honey Bacon Chili


2012 Chili Entries