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Interview Practice at Gateway STEM

Unidev Presentation Gateway STEMWednesday May 8th was Unidev’s last day of the school year to work with junior and senior students at the St. Louis public school, Gateway STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math). Gateway allows its students to concentrate in particular areas of study, giving them the opportunity to decide their career interests early on. Along with these concentrations, seniors are required to complete internships. Unidev and its local web design and web marketing division, The Net Impact, partnered with Gateway Stem in 2012 to give perspective on the work force. They specifically presented to the marketing and business students, and today they worked with the students performing mock interviews.

The day started off with students dispersing amongst practice interviewers. Although individual interviews lasted around 15 minutes, the questions asked taught the students to think on their feet and develop answers to situational questions, requiring examples from past experiences. This became difficult as many students have not yet held jobs and had to relate to situations that may have occurred on their sports teams and volunteer activities.

Ending with critiques, the students overall did a great job. For most, this was their first interview experience and now they are able to understand the importance of detail, confidence and relatability when it comes to applying and interviewing for a job they desire. After they wiped the sweat off of their foreheads, they seemed to agree the experience was a positive one and will help them in their future endeavors.