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We Have a Winner! Unidev Holiday Celebrations 2011

The 2011 holidays are almost at an end, and here at Unidev we have celebrated them well! As you may recall, this year we held an office decorating competition. Web designers, software developers, web marketers, account managers, HR staff, and accounting all got involved in making the Unidev offices very festive. For a quick look at our holiday decorations, check out this video tour of our offices:



Clearly, the competition was stiff this year. From the inflatable figure and Bieber-adorned display of the web design team, to the wrapped paper shredder and toy train of the Auctori team, to the frosted glass and paper snow flakes of the HR and Accounting teams, the Unidev offices looked like a winter wonderland. But of course, there could only be one winner of the grand prize: The Best Office Decorations award for Holiday 2011. Who took home the blue ribbon? Watch our holiday party video below to find out:



So, as you can see in the above video, The Web Design and Development Team from our web marketing division The Net Impact are 2011’s winners for best office decorations! Congratulations to all the teams who participated. We look forward to next years competition!

Everyone have a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year. We’ll see you in 2012!