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XMarks Smarter Search feature on IE8 produces mixed content warning

I just installed XMarks to see if I can start synchronizing my bookmarks between all of my various locations and all the browsers installed.  However soon after installing, I noticed that I would get the mixed content warning (the one telling you are downloading unsecure content from a secure page) every time I would go to our company portal page, which is always secured via SSL.

I double checked the sites using Firefox, and even IE 7 from another machine, and the warning did not appear.  I disabled the Smarter Search feature in XMarks and the warning went away.

I have only installed XMarks on IE 8 so I don’t know if it is specific to IE 8 or is a problem with other browsers in general.

Update:  As per Colin below this issue has been fixed with version 1.0.7.  I installed this version and the warning no longer appears.  It is refreshing to have such a quick response.