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Energy of Unidev Sponsored by: Caffeine

coffeeThe work day is already long and if projects reach deadlines or overtime is needed, they can become even longer. Many professionals can’t go a day without making their way through the Starbucks drive-thru or to the soda machine on the first floor. With caffeine having such an influence on energy required to get through the day, we decided to conduct a survey at Unidev to find out how much caffeine our company takes-in alone.

The caffeine survey sent out allowed us to analyze how much caffeine workers drink and how often they drink it. Employees at Unidev, including programmers, designers, marketers and managers, were given choices of coffee, soda, tea, energy drinks and none for caffeine preferences. The other question surveyed was the frequency they consume caffeine, with choices of daily, weekly, monthly and never. Out of 57 employees, 50 responses came in and the jury delivered its verdict.

Soda is the most popular drink of choice amongst the Unidev staff with coffee coming in as a close second. Most of our employees drink caffeine on a daily basis, while only 6 never drink caffeine. When broken down by department, soda still won over the crowd. Each department drinks soda the most, and consumes caffeine daily. Caffeine studies do support the effectiveness of caffeine in providing alertness, which in turn leads to efficiency.

Often times, people look for healthier alternatives to caffeinated drinks to keep them lively without the sugar and end-of-day crash. Making sure you get a substantial healthy breakfast which will give your body energy and the calories needed to get the day started is the first step.  Grab a handful of nuts which help convert sugar to energy, or eat fruits, veggies and whole grains. These provide fiber and fiber assists in keeping energy at a steady level. If you have a sweet tooth, dark chocolate is the way to go.

Next study: do tech companies drink more or less caffeine in comparison to other industries. What are your thoughts?