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2012 Summer Olympic Games- London, Watch Out For Internet Outages

Businesses have been told that there is a possibility Internet providers are required to share access to the web during the Olympic Games this year due to the high increase of web traffic.   A lot of businesses don’t have a plan for the enormous risks presented from the amounts of web traffic coming in.

Multiple London businesses are encouraged to arrange for staff to work more flexibly during Games time.  Millions of people will watch the Games on their PCs, phones and tablets.  It is possible that internet services may slow down due to an increasing number of people watching the Games and the same goes for mobile devices.  To prevent a decrease in internet speed, contact your mobile service and internet provider to get information on what they have planned to prevent this from happening during the Games.

As many of you know, streaming video footage has become a large trend on the internet.  There is a possibility live stream video footage will be slower during the Games due to the increase in traffic online.

What can your business do?

According to the article, “British Cabinet Warns of Possible Internet Outages During Summer Olympics” from, Government officials advise employees to consider working from home during this time or stagger in shifts to their jobs.  There is a possibility this could lessen the bandwidth load on these high usage areas.  Consider alternative means for communication during the Games – video streaming may greatly reduce your internal network’s capacity.

To find other ways to get your business involved in the 2012 Summer Olympics, visit the London Olympics website.