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2012 Summer Olympic Games- London, Watch Out For Internet Outages

Businesses have been told that there is a possibility Internet providers are required to share access to the web during the Olympic Games this year due to the high increase of web traffic.   A lot of businesses don’t have a plan for the enormous risks presented from the amounts of web traffic coming in.

Multiple London businesses are encouraged to arrange for staff to work more flexibly during Games time.  Millions of people will watch the Games on their PCs, phones and tablets.  It is possible that internet services may slow down due to an increasing number of people watching the Games and the same goes for mobile devices.  To prevent a decrease in internet speed, contact your mobile service and internet provider to get information on what they have planned to prevent this from happening during the Games.

As many of you know, streaming video footage has become a large trend on the internet.  There is a possibility live stream video footage will be slower during the Games due to the increase in traffic online.

What can your business do?

According to the article, “British Cabinet Warns of Possible Internet Outages During Summer Olympics” from, Government officials advise employees to consider working from home during this time or stagger in shifts to their jobs.  There is a possibility this could lessen the bandwidth load on these high usage areas.  Consider alternative means for communication during the Games – video streaming may greatly reduce your internal network’s capacity.

To find other ways to get your business involved in the 2012 Summer Olympics, visit the London Olympics website.

Don’t Waste Your Money on Obsolete Technology Gifts This Year!

XBox 360 Controller posted from flickr

Holiday shopping is just around the corner and we’re just weeks out from the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday. If you’re planning to purchase tech toys for the computer nerd in your life, you might think twice before purchasing the following items. Why? Because they might not even be around soon!

1. Standalone GPS Systems
2. E-Readers
3. Feature Phones (even if they’re only $19.99!!)
4. Low-End Digital Cameras
5. DVD Players
6. Recordable CDs and DVDs and here’s the kicker…
7. Video Game Consoles

We’d like to add USB cables to this list. All hail Wifi, Bluetooth and solar energy! But then again, they may still exist in 2020.

Seth Fiegerman lists these gadgets as the 7 Gadgets That Won’t Be Around In 2020 in a recent Yahoo! Shopping article. In the article, Seth talks about which tech gadgets will be phased out this decade. One surprising gadget that is often associated with “gift unwrap excitement” is the video game console. Ouch!

Video games will forever be popular, but will the separate consoles go away completely and all join as one on smartphone’s, televisions and computers? Seth’s article says, “The gaming systems that will succeed in the future will be those that manage to move away from being focused solely on video games and more on other entertainment options such as movies, evolving from a traditional game console into more of a set-top box.”

Think about the most recent release of gaming consoles, Play Station 3 and X-Box 360. Both of those allow you to access the internet, watch and rent movies and they even have Wi-Fi. But experts still say they won’t be in our homes forever. Rob Enderle, a principle analyst for the Enderle Group expects that consumers will instead buy smart televisions with a gaming system built into it.

If technology is only growing, imagine what the price of these new video games and accessories are going to cost. They already cost an arm and a leg.

What are they going to come up with next?

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