2007 Company Highlights

2007 saw continued growth and expansion of the web marketing and web design service lines of The Net Impact business unit.  The web development team went through a number of process changes over the year as staff was added. A new formal development methodology was implemented in conjunction with a new enterprise project management system. These changes allowed for much improved communications with customers and with other teams in the company. The Net Impact formed several strategic partnerships in the 4th quarter that will both expand the potential client base as well as significantly increase the sales efforts for the services.

The software development and outsourcing groups had the strongest growth for the Unidev business unit. Outsourcing development, production support and maintenance continues to be a strong and growing revenue contributor. The software development team primarily used .NET and J2EE this last year.  We saw very little demand for other technologies. An important goal for 2007 was to improve development methodologies and processes in order to deploy products more rapidly. The software group implemented a much improved enterprise project management system tool as well as organizational and process changes to successfully meet this goal.  

2007 was a year of significant growth and change within the company as The Net Impact became a fully integrated business unit. 2008 should be a great year as we continue to build and improve on 2007. For 2008 we will be working to increase our commercial applications integration services, developing new and improved technology solutions to web marketing and increasing our mobile applications development efforts.

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